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Analyse this: My new office reveal and what my desk says about me (Spoiler...I'm brilliant)

Analyse this: My new office reveal and what my desk says about me (Spoiler...I'm brilliant)

Before we go any further, I need to show what this space looked like a few weeks ago. Prepare yourself, it may make for uncomfortable viewing...



It was a totally dead space at the top of our house which leads to Raf's room and our spare bedroom and en suite. It was previously home to some chunky bookshelves which I took down leaving massive holes in the wall, and no accessories other than the hook and pole you use to open the loft leaning against the wall, and the occasional pile of clothes that the kids have grown out of, waiting to be transported up into said loft. It can't just be me who does that?

So naturally I was over the moon when asked me if I would like to be one of four bloggers to work with them on a sponsored post creating my own home office. And I wasn't going to let the fact we don't actually have a study or office in our house get in my way, because I knew exactly where I could create one! 

You can see what Nicola from Girl with the Green Sofa, Kimberley from Swoonworthy and Ruthie from Design Soda got up to at the end of this post. 

But first up it's all about me. This is what it looks like now. I've created my own little home office at the top of our house and it feels a bit like we've gained another room.

IMG_0962 (1).jpg

All the product details to come but first I want to tell you about the clever little twist that came up with. As well as creating our own desk spaces they had the brilliant idea of finding out what makes us all tick and arranged for psychologist Anna Sagredou to analyse our desks to see what each one says about us. As you can see from my chosen artwork (details further down) I was leaving nothing to chance! Repeat after me, I AM A GOOD PERSON ;-) 

Turns out I didn't need to be quite so brazen because according to Anna, who seems like a very perceptive individual, gold accessories suggest you are positive, generous and extroverted. This is obviously me all over. Ahem.

IMG_0967 (1).jpg

Anna said: "Gold is the dominant colour in the desk accessories and is associated with personal well-being, success and elegant choices. Typically, gold is indicative of a positive, extroverted person, who enjoys luxury. The choice of the bright red flowers suggests that Jess is energetic and passionate in her day to day life. The neatly arranged notebooks and accessible post-it notes reveal an organised and efficient character when it comes to work.”

Clearly she has got me nailed...apart from maybe that last line about efficiency. Let's not tell anyone about the many hours of my life I've lost to Insta Stories watching Liv Purvis' dreamy adventures around the world or Shopping with Fran aka The Fashion Lift.

IMG_0974 (1).jpg

So that's what my desk says about me. But let's rewind now and talk a bit about the details that make this the desk of a positively elegant and successful girl boss.

If you saw my post regarding my plans for the hallway you will know that the laminate floors and stained woodwork and doors that we inherited are not long for this world. But it was obvious I was going to have to whip this area into shape immediately, so I got to work on the top half of the house. I'm going with Little Greene's Lamp Black on the woodwork and their French Grey Mid on the walls all the way up the hallway, stairs and landings. The floor will eventually be a chic and neutral herringbone jute carpet. Incidentally, there's been a lot of talk about Insta-sham lately, and I'll tell you now that I only painted as far as could be seen through my camera lense. It's not big or clever but I had to turn this around very quickly and I'll come back and finish it all off very, very soon.

IMG_0962 (1).jpg

Now for the fun stuff. I kept coming back to the Darcey desk in two-tone walnut and oak with its dainty little ballerina legs. It's got a kind of mid-century vibe, with a modern twist which is exactly my kind of thing and I like the mix of the natural wood with the Lamp Black and French Grey.

The Faye lamp brings a touch of glamour to proceedings. I'm so impressed with this lamp, it's weighty, well made and super stylish to boot. Faye also sits very nicely alongside the Beaumont vase which I filled with beautiful Coral Charm peonies. Talk about extroverted, these blooms are absolutely shameless show-offs! Grab some if you see them because you won't be disappointed as they turn from this deep coral, to a pale peach, then almost white. Then there's the cute little Aurelia desk clock. I know no-one really uses clocks anymore, preferring instead to have their phone surgically attached to their hand to tell the time (me included) but I still like to be a bit old school and have a clock on my desk.

IMG_0968 (1).jpg

The Normos metal stationary set is perfect for all your bits and bobs, like those gold paperclips and glittery erasers that you will definitely never use, but 100% want them on your desk anyway #stationeryaddict

I love the simple graphic lines of the Moss Wire Magazine Rack which is ideal for displaying my ever expanding cute notepad collection and pics of my even cuter kids. Finally, the Kindness is Courage print by artist Naomi Edmondson, is one I bought from Print Club London's annual Blisters exhibition last year and it had been sat waiting in the tube until I had the perfect place for it to go. And I think this is the perfect spot for a desk which exudes "positivity and well-being", don't you??

IMG_0960 (1).jpg
IMG_0956 (1).jpg

To see what Nicola, Kimberley and Ruthie's desk say about them, follow the links below.

Design Soda desk

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** This is a sponsored post. All of the product used to create my office space was gifted by 

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