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4 Reasons Why Everyone Needs A Cuddler Sofa In Their Home...(blush pink optional)

4 Reasons Why Everyone Needs A Cuddler Sofa In Their Home...(blush pink optional)

We've got a new addition to the family. It's pink, it's cuddly and we're all fighting over it. The Zinc Cuddler sofa in Blush Velvet has slotted in to family life seamlessly and made itself indispensable. The truth is, I had never really considered a Cuddler sofa before. In my head, it was either an armchair or a sofa. What was the point in anything in between??? It was only when DFS very kindly approached me and asked if I'd like to choose a sofa from their range to style in our home, that I happened upon this and realised it made perfect sense. 

The previous grey Ikea sofa was perfectly functional but it didn't fit with my overall vision for the room, so I'd been angling to replace it for a while. Plus, it was much too big for the space it was in. But an armchair would have been a bit too small. And then I came across the Zinc Cuddler and it seemed like the perfect solution! The Zinc is part of DFS's ongoing collaboration with fashion and homewares label French Connection.

When it came to choosing the colour, I admired the Yellow and the Forest Green velvet, but really it was all about the Blush Pink. Because I knew it would look lush against my inky, navy blue walls. Not terribly practical with two small children, I'll give you that, but I've never been one for making sensible furniture choices to suit the tiny tyrants. As it happens, they both love it too and I have to admit I was a bit put-out when they immediately took up residence in it...and no they are not allowed any coloured food or drinks on it. There are plenty of other places for that ;-)

So now it's settled in, I thought it would be fun to show you why everyone needs a Cuddler in their life.

1) It reduces arguments

If I'd got a single person armchair, I can guarantee it would have resulted in screaming and fighting about who got to sit in it. For the avoidance of doubt I'm referring to the children in this particular scenario. But the Cuddler is easily big enough for both children to sit in it at the same time and play or watch Trolls/Pokemon/ Yokai Watch (have you seen that btw? It's bonkers!)

IMG_8970 (1).jpg

2) It's good for your marriage

I have to admit that we are guilty of getting the kids to bed, eating our dinner, and then sitting at opposite ends of the sofa tapping away on our respective laptops and not really watching whatever it is we've put on Netflix. But if I can persuade David to sit on the Zinc Cuddler with me, there's a good chance we might actually talk to each other about our days...and if I'm really lucky, I might get an actual cuddle...

IMG_8313 (3).jpg

3) Until they come along...

Obviously any moments of marital bliss are short lived and it isn't long before our personal space is once again invaded by the monkeys. Luckily, the Cuddler is big enough for a Hurrell family pile-on, as demonstrated below. It helps if one kid thinks he's the next Max Whitlock...

IMG_8325 (1).jpg

4) Just me, myself and I

This is my new favourite spot. When no-one else is around, this is where you'll find me with my magazine and a cup of tea (or a G&T depending on what time of day it is). It's perfect for proper feet up, me time.

IMG_8333 (2).jpg

And just in case you were thinking this cosy little family shoot is all a bit too good to be true, here are some of the took quite a few lollipops and even more hollow threats to get these pics....

The Zinc Cuddler is available in a range of fabrics and colours from DFS. Prices start at £699

The Zinc Cuddler Sofa in Blush Pink Velvet was gifted to me by DFS but I only accept things I genuinely like. And what's not to love about a pink Cuddler?


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